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Burgers are just one of those summer things. Something about the hot summer air just makes people want to dig their teeth into a juicy patty. Although neither of us will sit down and bite into a meat patty, we still love the idea of a savory burger alternative, that still offers all the flavor and satisfaction of it’s original form. When our dear friend Emily came over for a movie night, we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to A)test out our new hosting skills in the apartment B) make Robin watch the disney movie Anastasia because she had never seen it and finally C) try out another really tasty recipe from CleanGreenSimple!

Portabello Burgers with Chipotle Mayo, Cayenne Sweet Potato wedges and Onion Rings

Portabello Burgers topped with Chipotle Mayo and Onion Rings

First you will want to prepare a batch of Chipotle Mayo, because it is the heavenly sauce that will make your tasty burger, into the ultimate supreme burger. Not to mention it goes well as a dip for sweet potato wedge.. or really anything. Ms.Vickie’s Original Chips? Yes. Just make it, trust us.


1 cup vegan mayo or regular mayo *(see note)

1-3 chipotle chiles in Abodo sauce depending on spice level

1/2 tsp lime juice

*Katie can’t even touch vegan mayo because she’s iffy about the texture, but I am vegan and find the texture perfectly pleasant and equally tasty as regular mayo. So we made a vegan and non vegan version of this.


Combine all ingredients in a blender, and blend! Store in fridge while preparing the rest of the meal.

Now get ready for the onion rings,

Preheat your oven to 450 degrees


1 large red onion

1/2 cup + 2 T brown rice flour

2 T corn starch or arrowroot

1 cup unsweetened almond milk

1 tsp cider vinegar

1 cup bread crumbs (we blended up one of our GF quinoa burger buns)

1 tsp salt

2 tsp coconut oil


Combine flour, corn starch, almond milk and cider vinegar in a medium bowl. Peel the onion and slice as thin as possible. Dip them in the wet goop, then give them a hearty sprinkling of bread crumbs. Make sure you place them on parchment paper of a well greased baking sheet. We made some making sticking issues, so instead of pretty onion rings we ended up with a mass of them which we scraped off of the sheet. Cook them for about 6 minutes on each side, taking them out to flip them – they’re finished when they are golden and crisp! Don’t be discouraged by the appearance of them if they came out as ugly as ours did, they are still delicious.

Now for the main attraction, the portos. With three of us, we made 4 (just in case). With the stems removed, prep your grill (we used a panini press grill). Brush the portobello mushrooms with balsamic vinegar. Once on the grill, sprinkle a bit of salt and pepper. Cooking them for around 5 minutes on each side should get them to be browned, and slightly soft. We flipped our burgers a couple times, brushing them with more balsamic each time, because we just can’t get enough of the stuff. Toast your buns in the meantime in whatever way suites you.

Assemble and devour! Bun, Spinach, Tomato, Mayo, Porto, Onion Rings.

For a side dish, I begged to be allowed to make my spicy sweet potatoes. They’re the easiest thing to make but I’m addicted.


1 large sweet potato, skinned and chopped into wedges a size of your choosing (1 1/2 inches)

2 tbsp. coconut oil

1 1/2 tsp. cayenne pepper (this is entirely flexible depending on how spicy you like your potatoes – wing it!)

Salt and pepper


I usually parboil the potatoes first – I find it helps with getting the best combination of fluffy soft insides and crispy outsides after the frying. This time though in wanting more instant gratification, the potatoes were tossed into a medium sized frying pan with the coconut oil on medium heat. Once the potatoes are starting to soften, toss the cayenne pepper, salt and pepper in making sure to coat them evenly. Continue to cook until browned and softened. It’s as simple as that…

What’s your favourite thing to eat on a girls night in?


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